Capital Bike Share

CNN did a piece on Capital Bike Share

Application for your iPhone that works with Capital Bike Share


Capital Bike Share

although I have a stable full of bikes
I still am a member of Capital Bike Share
I joined to support the program and have ended up finding it a pleasure to have Capital Bike Share as an option
even though I can ride my own bikes
there are times when it makes more sense to take the Capital Bike Share bike

it can make more sense and I enjoy the novelty
the bikes are convenient and fun to ride

the Capital Bike Share bikes are everywhere...
in fact... when traveling around town
it seems as if there are more Capital Bike Share bikes on the road than non-Capital Bike Share Bikes

now this may not be true during Rush Hour when the bicycle commuters flood into the city or flood out of the city
but mid day... it is if all I see are the Capital Bike Share bikes
Capital Bike Share bikes and then of course DC bicycle messengers

the other day I was
walking down the street and I saw a crew of Capital Bike Share employees working on the Capital Bike Share bikes
one guy was putting air in the tires... another guy was checking each bike to see if anything was rattling loose... while a third guy was test riding each bike up and down the block
all this on a disturbingly cold day

then the next day I saw what appeared to be the Capital Bike Share mechanics rolling around with a cargo bike to do more of the same

these guys have a serious system
in addition to these crew of mechanics on their bikes
I have also seen a large cargo van that shuffles the bikes around the city
some stations fill up fast and other station empty fast
hopefully this cargo van resolves these problems fast

it is an interesting thing this Capital Bike Share
it is amazing how it is transforming the city
fascinating to think that people who were not riding bikes are now riding bikes

I can not help myself
when given the opportunity I quiz the strangers on their activity

even in the days of DC Smart Bike I would approach the people on
the loaner bikes with an assortment of questions

sure I can understand the urban commuter and the Capital Bike Share bike
then beyond that... I can clearly see how it would make sense for people to use the Capital Bike Share
bike in any situation where they would have previously taken a cab, jumped on the subway, or waited for the bus
it just makes sense

but what is really amazing is the number of people I see on weekends in Rock Creek Park!
sure... know that this is not the design of this machine
yet it is wonderful just the same

people on bikes who would not necessarily been on bikes before!

the daily and hourly rental feature is a fantastic twist that did not exist with the Smartbike system
that is something that I have witnessed people take advantage of



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