cold morning ride...

bicycle commuting...

bicycle commuting is one of the greatest method of stealth training
where else is there this opportunity for forced exercise
where else can you find this sort of forced time on the bike
oh... sure... bicycle messengers...
but other than that
I guess Mr. Miaggie would say washing the car and painting the fence
but I question if waxing on and waxing off really constitutes exercise

being under employed has greatly reduced my time on the bike!

here is a shot from the other morning when I rode out to the Airport and back before heading into work

that is a slightly awkward misrepresentation of the Washington Monument coming out of the roof of the Jefferson Memorial

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MadMacedonian said...

Great post, and cool image!

Hey, old friend, I was Googling myself today, and came across what must have been your introduction to my bike blogging, from 2004.


Reading this, after so many years ( I may have read it back then, but didn't leave a comment, opting to reply by e-mail, but who knows, hee, hee! ) brought a smile to my face, and made me laugh. ;-D

We have come a long way since then, including my visit to DC, and our phone chats, and failed attempt to actually meet face to face, hee, hee! ;-D

Kiril "Cycling Dude" Kundurazieff
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