on the snowboard... on the bike...

the other night as I rode a Capital Bike Share bike from my house in Mount Pleasant to the Capitals hockey game at the MCI Center in Chinatown I had the pleasure of riding some FRESH TRACKS!

hold on...
is it still called the MCI Center?
I can not keep up... or perhaps... I just do not care

either way... my rant runs on

as I rolled down the hill I played connect the dots trying to link up various Bike Lanes as I traversed the city

honestly... Bike Lanes are not always my thing
but for the Bike Share Bike... the bike lane is just about right
much like my feeling that an easy geared single speed is a rational bike for the multi use bike paths around the city

the Capital Bike Share bikes are much closer to a three speed cruiser than a race bike

trying to race these lead sleds can be painfully awkward

it is as if they have a maximum speed
it is as if working harder will not make them move any faster
which makes it best to just accept things as they are and go at the pace the bicycle goes rather
than fighting to go faster

so... I rode the Capital Bike Share Bike rather than riding my own bicycle
in some ways it was more than the novelty of the experience
it was a matter of sensibility

instead of going from bar to bar
disbanding from my group and going to my bike
I was able to leave the bike
and then group with my friends
walking and taking cabs when they walked and took cabs

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