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some tangents worth investigating on that set of rants

this morning... much like most mornings...

the morning routine is usually the same...

4th grader Dean wakes up without issue
while 1st grader Grant needs to be assisted with each step...

in a soft voice I ask Grant to get out of bed
slowly I pull the covers off him
trying to coax young Grant out of his warm bed and into this cold world

Grant get out of bed...
Grant get out of bed...
Grant get out of bed and go to the bathroom...
Grant get out of bed...

usually there is nothing
I have to lend further assistance
if I can get his feet on the floor and the idea that he needs to go to the bathroom
then I will see progress

the feet hit the floor and Grant makes a mad dash for the bathroom
all actions are audible
the footsteps... the raising of toilet seat... the action of peeing... and the silence that he toilet has not been flushed

Grant get dressed...
or... Grant crawls into a ball on the floor and tries to sneak another moment of sleep
a peak into his room and I see that Grant is actually getting dressed
so I instruct him on his next set of steps

Grant go downstairs and eat some breakfast... but first... find your shoes and put them on...
Grant put on your shoes...

where are your shoes?
did you leave them at Dylan's?

I check the whole house again for his shoes... I am certain that he left them at the neighbor's house... Grant is adamant that he did not... then he runs next door and returns with his shoes

Grant is back... I instruct him to put on his shoes then send him to the table to eat something
Grant eat your breakfast!

what... you don't want the pineapple?
what... you don't want the quesadilla? but I made it for you! I made it special for you!
no... you can not have cereal... we are out of milk
no... you can not have eggs... there is not time
just grab a breakfast bar
just eat something.

then I step out to walk the dog...
each morning it is the usual routine

boys... I am going to walk the dog... finish your breakfast... then when I get back we are going to get in the car

once back from walking the dog I find that Grant has still not eaten anything for breakfast
all the while... Dean has long since finished his breakfast and is on the couch reading
Grant still has not eaten... yet we must leave off for school

in the car Grant and Dean snack on the bowl of apple slices and quesadilla
he had refused these things... but if they are just put in front of him... he sometimes will just eat them

we drive towards school... the traffic is so bad in the blocks leading up to the school that we park a few blocks away
the traffic has been so bad recently that we are now parking two blocks further than we did when we were bringing the bicycles

we park and then we walk
when we walk we move faster than the line of cars lined up leading the path to the kid's school

Dean runs ahead and I watch him as he crosses the street
I cross my fingers as he crosses the street
Dean is good about checking to see that it is clear... sadly the people in the cars are not as concerned about the variables around them
the driving styles of the modern age are scary for a parent
people are unaware of their surroundings

with the kids dropped off at school I exchange hellos with some other parents
I run into another dad who has a school age daughter the same age as my older son and a boy the sam
e age as my younger boy... his son is on the soccer team that I coach
we usually shoot the shit as we both walk the same way after drop off
I walk to my car... he walks home before heading off to work

after we part our ways I walk the final blocks
the boys are in school and I am starting my day

just as I get to my car I hear a loud rumble over my shoulder
I turn to see what is approaching
it is three police motorcycles with sidecars
the first two motorcycles are going down the road tilted such that they are balancing on the two main wheels with the sidecar propped in the air
this brings a smile to my face

I watch as they move out of my field of view
my mind wanders as I think about the police and their antics
in my mind I wonder how a police officer would respond to a set of civilians if they were doing the same

it is clear to me that it is a good lesson of balance and control
a motorcyclist with sidecar should be comfortable in this situation
this action reminds me of my brother and I visiting our grandparents in Florida
riding grandma's adult trike on two wheels was a popular forbidden past-time

back in the car and in a line of cars I find myself within sight of the three motorcycles
the light turns green and they head up the hill
again the first two motorcycles take to two wheels leaving the sidecar propped in the air
again I smile
again my mind wanders

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