give me three feet...

Lynrd Skynrd asked for "three steps"
while the cyclist asks for "three feet"
three feet?
come on... three feet is not too much to ask

just as I ask the cars, motorcycles, trucks, and scooters to give me my space
I would also appreciate if my fellow cyclists grant me my right to space
or at least give me an audible as you pass

there are times when the pass is close... I know I am comfortable making a fast close pass
but I try to communicate with the person I am passing

last night on my leisurely post work ride home in the cold I worked my old and tired Karate Monkey Single Speed up 18th Street with my old and tired body
going up the hill (well... not exactly a hill) there was something in my path... I can not recall if it was a pot hole or broken glass
no matter what it was... it caused me to make a quick jump to my left

I almost got my peanut butter in some joker's chocolate
this would not have created the magic known as the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup
more than likely it would have looked like a rugby scrum with some metal tubing tossed in
I moved just a foot and a half to my side and I nearly collided with some newbie on a fixie
just some helmetless joker with his fixed gear
riding helmet free with headphones on

urban hipster?
or a wanna be?
that was not determined

his headphones must have been turned down because he responded when I said... "hey joker... give me some space"
he said back... "it is a big lane"
yes... it is a big lane
this is true... the lane is big enough that you need not ride in my shadow
the lane is so big that you can grant me my right to space

but why are you riding in my shadow
hanging out in my blind spot just behind my left ear?


come on

common sense
common courtesy

it is not just car drivers that piss me off
all jokers piss me off
anyone doing something stupid that puts me at risk pisses me off