it is winter... people need to learn to use their DEFROST!

as a cyclist and a pedestrian it is important to be seen

to be seen aids in arriving at your destination alive

just as a cyclist and pedestrian must work to put themselves where they are most safe
it is also their objective to put themselves where they can be seen
I often ride where I can see the driver's eyes in their mirror... if I can see them... they should be able to see me
riding in their blind spot can be dangerous

it is funny...
the modern cars have a function that cars of my youth lacked
the modern cars have a functional defrost system
in my Honda or my wife's VW I have found that if the engine is warmed up and I hit the defrost and crank the fan then the windows are cleared
it is amazing... it is simple... it works

then why are people driving around with their windows all fogged up with nothing more than a peep hole for them to look through as they drive?
this habit needs to be stopped
it is ignorant and unsafe

please... look for the DEFROST ICON
learn how to use this function in your car