misunderstood... nothing short of ignorant

an article in The Gothamist
Cops Blame Cyclist Fatalities on "Catastrophic" Bike Lanes

I do not live in NYC... all I know is what happens where I live... here in Washington DC

the bike lanes get no respect...
ironically... UPS Drivers and Police Officers may be on the top of the list for failing to respect the bicycle lanes
then... meter maids and taxi drivers would come in following close behind

there may need to be a few classes in logic for people to better understand what is at play here
first off...
here in Washington DC police officers... meter maids... postal workers... and UPS drivers
each and every day I see these vehicles double parked and parked in the bike lane rather than taking the vacant parking spaces at the curb...
then when driving... the bike lanes are used as express lanes and turning lanes

who is being arrogant?
who is doing whatever they want?

there needs to be an education
some people could use an introduction to logic
or better yet
a mirror and an injection of common sense

as far as the fatalities and injuries...

enough on this...
it is too frustrating to deal with

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