the newbies and the quick release...

those newbies
those newbies and the quick release
it is something that may be more common and definitely more dangerous than the backwards helmet
yep... that quick release can be seriously dangerous

no... this is not a tasteless entry about the fast hard three pumps of pleasure
no... this has nothing to do with someone's failed notion that they could pull out in time
this is not he blog to discuss such things
this is a short post on the newbies and their lack of understanding of the quick release

all over town I am seeing the front wheel poorly attached
quick release levers bouncing with each bump on the road and quick release levers tighten without use of the lever... just rotated around until it is tight... as if that lever is just to be spun until it can spin no more

there needs to be some simple education about bicycle basics to the new breed

unlike the car... if someone does not know how to fix something on the car
they take it to a professional