okay... time to start getting behind Gray

Vince Gray is going to be the next Mayor of Washington DC
I understand his getting rid of Michelle Rhee...
getting rid of Rhee was part of the Gray constituents agenda

then Gabe Klein?
well... that may have been an ego thing as much as anything

apparently they locked horns over bringing streetcars to the district
I think running the city should be more about what is best for the city rather than personal ego issues... but... if you do not think you can work with someone... well... then that course of action is necessary

Vince Gray has appointed Allen Lew as City Administrator
okay... this is a good move
Allen Lew is good for the city...

also... I read a Dr. Gridlock piece the other day that made me feel a little better about the Gray administrations approach to the progress for pedestrians and cyclists in the District
apparently... he is not going to have a yard sale selling the Capital Bike Share bikes and he is not going to rip up the bike lanes... hopefully

Gray Transition... Allen Lew
Fenty applauds Gray's selection of Allen Lew

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