Vince Gray is cleaning house...

Vince Gray is cleaning house...
and it seems like he is throwing out the baby with the bathwater

it was no shock when Vince Gray axed Michelle Rhee
from what I understood they had a history of conflict

but I was trying to stay positive about things when it came to DDOT's Director Gabe Klein
well... alas... no...
January 1st will be Gabe Klein's last day as the Director of DDOT

Gabe Klein is not being kept as DC Transportation Director

I am not going to get angry here... my heart rate is up... this frustrates me...
but I am going to try and contain my anger

I am a DC Resident... I have been a DC Resident for years... a home owner and a resident
not just a resident and a home owner... but also a husband and father who has two kids in DC Public School
I have a vested interest in the infrastructure of Washington DC
these changes effect me

I was PRO REHEE and most definitely PRO KLEIN
and yes... I was PRO FENTY
I like the momentum of the city
the changes that occurred under the shadow of Adrian Fenty were positive
it boggles my mind that people would vote to alter the momentum

I have nothing against Vince Gray... well... it irks me that he is cleaning house
does he have someone better?
does he have an alternate agenda?
what is he thinking here?

it is bothersome to hear that DC is losing Gabe Klein as the Director of Transportation
there have been so many changes to make the streets more safe for both pedestrians and cyclists
I would hate to see the city lose this momentum

image of Gabe Klein with Chuck Brown stolen from Thomas Pipkin's FACEBOOK page
thanks Thomas!

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