the walker... walking man

it is interesting...
well... at least it is interesting to me
or perhaps not interesting but curious
yes... I am curious

this man... this walking man

why is he walking?
how far is he walking?
where is he walking?

how long has the man been the walking man?

years ago I would see this man... same walk... similar garb... slightly different hair
there was a period of time when his hair was long
but instead of being long and combed
his hair was long and dreaded
dreaded into one large beehive shaped dread

there has to be a story here
what is the story?

does anyone know the story?
do you know the story?

perhaps I should have stopped and asked
maybe next time I will stop and ask


dc designer dad said...

I see this guy by the zoo, nearing the airport along the bike path... He is everywhere.

liz said...

It's our beloved Mono-dread! We miss him. He has not been seen in our new neck of the woods, but then, perhaps that's because we have not been making the rounds enough yet...glad to see he's still walking. Definitely seems to be walking for the sake of, well, walking.

Mike said...

my favorite is seeing him in the summer w/ his amazing hair, deep tan and richard simmons length shorts. he looks a little bit like peter frampton in the 70's if he had blonde hair.

AL said...

I see him too. Just yesterday and I was in a spot where I could have slowed to talk to him. Ask him why he walks. About 8 years ago I would see him up Georgia Ave. close to Olney running when he had the huge single dread. Would love the back story. Happy to find others asking while searching Google.

AL said...

Oh my god I just saw him again, going into the M&T Bank at K St. and 17th.

Demetria Loukas said...

He is always in Aspen Hill these days. Stomping around Georgia and Connecticut daily