The Warrior Gene

The Warrior Gene
National Geographic has a show airing this December on The Warrior Gene
a cast of characters including Henry Rollins are tested for the Warrior Gene

Born to Rage on National Geographic

Henry Rollins... more famous for being Henry Rollins than for anything that may have doneas a musician, a writer, a spoken word performer, or a bit actor
Henry Rollins could be described as a punk rock Jim Morrison

Henry Rollins has become a pop icon... something more than someone for a sound byte from a VH1 documentary

Henry built himself up way beyond his position as the front man in a punk band
Henry took his energy to the spoken word performances
then also
Henry has displayed his energy with the written word
and of course
Henry used his subculture coolness to have himself placed in all sorts of Hollywood Movies

in my youth the album DAMAGE danced well with my teen angst
the SOA single on Dischord Records was high on my rotation
the Henry Rollins spoken word shows at DC Space were like boy scout jamborees... all sorts of teen age kids flocking around to hear Henry tell his ghost stories
the Black Flag Live... this band brought the energy and the power that people look for when they go to see a live band
Black Flag offered up a show that was above and beyond what you could achive with any record on the turn table or any cassette tape in the boom box

I was lucky enough to catch a number of Henry's spoken word shows at a venue here in the District called DC Space... the stage was six inches off the ground... the room was the size of an average dining room
then Black Flag... a few shows at the old 9:30 Club and then a memorable show from Piece Hall

Henry Rollins connected with the crowd
Henry Rollins entertained
Henry Rollins delivered

funny... last night I was listening to some early Rollins Band stuff
early... early... early stuff
so early that Black Cat Bernie is on bass

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Henry Rollin's film career