this is disturbing...
nothing short of frightening...

Driver PLOWS through a Critical Mass ride in Brazil


this is not self defense... this is attempted murder

this man needs to stand trial
either stand trial... or release him to the dogs
or at least release his home address


Blue-eyed Devil said...

Stand trial? They should have stood him up outside his car and beat him to a pulp. I don't know how these guys get away from the scene; must have kept it floored till he was out of sight.

That's is horrific, to say the least. Thankful no one died.

gwadzilla said...

I did not type my true emotions

yes, it would be justice for him to be dragged from his car and then beaten within an inch of his life

my younger said he should die a painful death... he recommended death by scorpion

it is amazing that no one died
but I am thinking that some people may have been seriously hurt and will take a long while to recover

this video has irked me all day since viewing it