it is all very interesting to me

it is interesting that egypt was such an oppressive state
yet it was not a topic of conversation until the it came to this implosion where the people of egypt asked the dictator of 30 years to resign

we should have known it was a volcano before it started to erupt

pop culture
it is a valuable tool
pop culture and its contacts can educate
film is a valuable tool for education

I do not know much History of the Vietnam War... but I have seen all sorts of movies on the topic
which is part of my building an understanding of the history of that time

sorry.... drifting from my point

Matt Damon was in a film called GREEN ZONE about the Iraq War
the catch statement-emotion that I walked away from this film was
"it is not up to you to decided"
or something to that effect

that is what the US needs to understand
egypt needs to decide what happens next...
the US may assist them in the effort to reach this goal
but it is not the US' place to tell them what to do next

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