I swear....

I swear... since this photo was taken
that skeleton has swapped his party hat for a bicycle helmet

Jeff Peel.... can you verify?
or is this house not on your DC radar

maybe WASHCYCLE Cranner can tell us where this house is
DC Douglas... can you tell us where this house is?
can you tell us if the skeleton has changed his head gear?

anyone... anyone...
where is this house?

are there others like it?
oddly... I think there are
maybe I should loop the city and take photos of such oddities


dcdouglas said...


I honestly, have no idea where the house in the picture is located. It's a Wardman style with a front porch and the modified mansard roof, so that narrows it down to houses built somewhere between approx. 1910 - 1930. (I happen to live in one of these styles in the Kingman Park NE area.)

Jeff said...

I don't know that I've ever seen that place before. Where is it? I want to investigate!