a little help here... does anyone have an opinion on this


recently I was hooked up was a coupon to get a ROAD ID
in turn... I will do some investigation on the product and then toss up a report

anyone have an opinion or better yet...
has anyone had an experience with any of the various ROAD ID models?
and by model... I do not mean Liz Hatch or Bob Roll
although Liz Hatch would be a nice option

the options for me would be between the Sport and the Elite wrist bands
although I think that the Jim Fix is super cool
and well... I grew up in the age of the Ripper wallet... so the Shoe ID also has its appeal
yet... I still think that wrist band would gel best with my style


oh... after checking out the various ROAD ID ID options...
check out their FIREFLY PAGE where they have a few blinking light options that would work well for cyclists and runners and then also some reflective safety options that may very well peak at super cool with reflective shoe laces...
I think those reflective laces would work just as well for dancing under the black light as they would work for the night cyclist or the night runner

I was given several coupons so I am seriously considering the shoe laces... but they are so inexpensive
it may make more sense for me to get hooked up with one of the more expensive products and just buy the laces!


seriously... I am a big fan of reflective
reflective tape on the bike
I know that I sometimes end up riding after dark without a light
reflective tape on the bike frame can aid in the ride home being as safe as possible

lights to see and be seen
then some reflective tape to take safety to the next level
and ROAD ID has reflective tape

Liz Hatch on the GWADZILLA PAGE


dc2wheel said...

If you keep a wallet and cell phone [marked with I.C.E. contacts] with you every time you ride I'd say Road ID's not really all that necessary. The exception to that is if you have some sort of medical condition, then it would work as a sort of medicalert ID also. The bottom line is if your were to become unconscious for any reason, would police or medics be able to safely treat you and contact your family?

gwadzilla said...

when I ride...
only when I commute would I have a wallet and a cell phone on me

road ride from the house... that stuff stays at home
when I drive to go mountain biking... that stuff stays in the car

so... no contacts on my person when I ride other than commuting and running to the store (on the bike)

and the wrist band?

medics are trained to look for a medical bracelet...
Road ID would catch their attention and offer up this information

same at the hospital

T said...

I have the original Road ID. It is simple and just works.

It gives my wife (and family) an added sense of security whether I am commuting to work, off mountain biking by myself, or during a race that someone would be able to contact them in the event something were to happen to me.

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Road ID? Is that really something to ponder when you post a pic of Liz Hatch? Were there words next to that pic?

Okay, I'm a pig. Let's try to get past that.

gwadzilla said...

Liz Hatch is a spokes model for the Road ID product... it was a play upon the word "model"
in asking
what "Road ID model" should I get

I just like posting images of Liz Hatch