Luke would be 17 this month... happy birthday luke.

Garrett Park Mom Organizes Community Benefit to Remember her Son

Luke was hit and killed by a car in 2006
Luke would have been 17 years old this month

that is more than a handful of birthday parties that never happened
this is a life that did not get to be lived

Luke should be applying for colleges
Luke should be chasing girls at the library when he should be focusing on his homework
Luke should have the opportunity to do whatever it is that 17 year old boys do
but no
Luke did not get to live past 12

Luke sounds a whole lot like either of my boys'
here is the article in the Washington Post from when Luke died

that "worst case scenario"
that big "what if"
every mother and father's worst nightmare

my heart goes out to Luke's family
and all other families that live with the pain of such a loss

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