simple equation

Eat Less
Exercise More
Lose Weight

it sounds so simple.


keithmo said...

I'd say "lose fat" rather than "lose weight", but yes, it really is simple.

michael medina said...

It's actually not that simple, we should talk about this as it's actually really complicated.

As I said it's taken me 7 months to lose 13# using exercise. In the past I lost 60# without exercise in a few months. Makes me want to stop exercising.

the original big ring said...

I wish it were that easy.

I guess my belly sucks at math.

michael medina said...

Ok heres the thing, with exercise like cycling, your body likes to build muscle, then you diet and your body tries to lose "something". Depending on how you are eating, that something is often muscle (it's actually easier to burn) so you end up losing and gaining the same 2-5# of muscle over and over again and going nowhere.

So you have maybe 3 choices here. 1: stop exercising and just lose weight (boring) 2: calorie count (boring) and come in just 300-500 short each day so your body doesn't go for metabolizing muscle. 3: exercise a lot and eat very little and let yourself waste away. Option 1 and 3 will only work temporarily and you will gain some of it back, maybe not all though. Option 2 will work but it will take really really long and drive you nuts. Option 4 is try clenbuterol, works for the pros.