all over the country... and now in this region

Washington DC is not always as progressive as it should be
but really...
it is coming along

the bicycle infrastructure in the form of bike lanes and bike tracks is impressive
the renovations to the DC school playgrounds was needed and is nothing short of AWESOME!
the new skatepark(s) a well needed addition to the athletic options for the youth of today
not that the sport has gone full on mainstream... skateboarding is far less fringe than it once was

Pump Tracks and Skills Parks are the next addition to the world of Parks and Recs
just as the public parks all over the country started building half-pipes, bowls, and skate parks
all over the country there is a movement to build pump tracks and skills parks for mountain bikers of all ages

Washington DC has yet to join in on this movement
but counties all around DC are starting to provide these facilities

Rockburn may be the first to give the people what they want
google it...
or read about what is happening in Boulder

Superior Bike Park in Boulder

these are a few shots of my boys Dean and Grant having a little fun on their bikes in Pigeon Park on
our ride back from the new Shaw Skatepark

the trip to the skatepark was awesome
but really
bikes and skateboards do not gel as well as one would think
there really needs to be a bike specific area
something like the previously mentioned pump track or skills park

the streets are no place for a kid to play

if we do not offer the the children a place to express themselves then we have a problem

the nation's obesity epidemic is a byproduct of our modern age
we need to reverse some of our nation's failures
obesity should be easy enough to combat

recreational facilities like skate parks and bike parks are a step in the right direction

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