and I bet they have never even heard of Ice Cube... or at least the gansta rapper version

shaw skate park ribbon cutting postponed

the word on the street is there was some inappropriate graffitti

"_____ the police!"

the only way the kids would know this song is if it were in one of the Shrek movies

I am interested to hear the full story

graffiti art or vandalism

it is curious

what was the intention?
or was there a attention?

kids being kids
boys being boys
skate punks being skate punks
spray painting the walls has been a teen expression as long as there has been spray paint

the bummer is... there was a hole in the fence and the community got behind the notion that that was the way into the park
everyone helped each other in
everyone helped each other out
there was a sense of community to it

now... going through the hole in the fence to do this puts a blemish on all of us who just want to skate

when I was a teen I would pool hop
never did I throw a chair in the pool
I just wanted to go swimming and more than likely go swimming there again
if I were to get caught I could stand proud and say that I was just swimming

Carl Rowan shots first and asks questions later

any formal write up on this graffiti
or the vandalism

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