coloring book... not my project... but it should inspire others to go forward with their projects

Kate passing off her book as she takes my five dollars
thank you very much!

Buy My Coloring Book - The World Around Biker 253

this weekend was The Mount Pleasant Bike Swap at Lamont Park
there were all sorts of people selling all sorts of bike stuff

selling stuff
trading stuff
talking about stuff... lots of talking about stuff

Kate was selling her coloring book
Kate was giving away crayons
the crayons were gray, black, and brown

no anodizing your components in Kate's book
this is not the 1980's!

Kate downtown at work
apparently in between runs
taking a call or taking a break
either way she is not in the saddle

all sorts of people moving about the Mount Pleasant Bike Swap
Kate holding her ground

the Bike Swap can be quite the social scene
another shot of Kate
I was down the block from my office grabbing lunch
Kate was in her office

messengers tend to have a "base"
but the streets... the parks... and the coffee shop of choice tend to be their office options

Kate is selling her coloring book to raise enough money to go to the World Messenger Championships
or something to that effect
chase the link for the full information


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