I am sorry.

yes... I am sorry
I apologize

I apologize for flipping off, cussing at, spitting on, spitting at, you as you passed my on my bike or when I was crossing the street with my dog

to the guy tonight who ran the red light at the top of the hill and then sped down the hill as I crossed the street with my aging dog
I am sorry I flipped you off
yes... I know you did not see it because you were going so fast and in the middle of a phone call
but I realize I was wrong
it is inappropriate behavior

the same goes for every car that past me dangerously close and dangerously fast when I was on my bike
it is not so much that I can not deal with the fact that you went by me fast and close
it is more that you fail to respect that I have a right to safety and a right to space
I realize that you feel that you are more important than me
I understand that you feel that your need to be in the space that I occupy is more important than my right to life


enough on this
it is not helping to calm me down
this is just making me more angry

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