I ran into Chip today

today I was downtown for a meeting
after the meeting I hung around downtown and tried to learn how to use my new camera

a friend of mine just upgraded me to a higher level SLR
went from a Canon Rebel something or other to a Nikon D70

the Nikon has an extra telephoto lens which I have yet to play around with
still trying to learn how to point and shoot this camera at the basic level

after I finished my Korean Beef Bulgolgi that I got from a sidewalk cart and not a rolling restaurant
I saw Chip just as I started to snap a few shots of the bicycle traffic that passed in front of my camera as I migrated down K Street towards the next Capital Bike Share station so I could ride up the hill back towards home

always good to catch up with Chip


I have known Chip for years
never have I know Chip well
but I have always enjoyed catching up with him just the same

ran into Chip today downtown
then also ran into Chip the other night at the happy hour at The National Bike Summit

got a shot of Chip and Gary Fisher

I think I posted that first picture before

am about to look at the images from today
if worthy
I will post the photos of Chip that I snapped with my "new to me" few years old slightly beaten Nikon D70

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