Jana of My Bike Law Dot Com

is that Jana in the racing kit on the MYBIKELAW scrolling slide show?
definitely watch the slide show
great representing of the diversity of the cycling culture
not sure if all those individuals are from Charleston South Carolina... but I know that a handful are

got to meet Jana last week at The National Bike Summit
as wonderful as Jana is... I was expecting to see Peter
I went to high school with Peter Wilborn of MY BIKE LAW
lots of good memories of hanging out with Peter Wilborn

Peter Wilborn is the legal mind behind My Bike Law
as a cyclist... if I were to need legal representation... I would want a lawyer who understood the system and sees things through the bicycle perspective
the world exists with the bias of the wind shield perspective

My Bike Law is currently practicing in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Maryland
areas not only where My Bike Law practices... but areas where My Bike Law is greatly familiar with and greatly connected with

too bad Peter was not able to make it to this year's National Bike Summit

I will have to find another time to reconnect with him

My Bike Law Legal Services

they do not post to their blog enough

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Peter Wilborn said...

Thanks Joel!