let me try to make this short... our actions are different

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okay bus 2037 with a driver named Butler I heard your words...
you talked over mine

let me recount things here

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crossing the invisible line between Adams Morgan into Mount Pleasant I exited Pigeon Park

car traffic had the green

my signal was don't walk

the car traffic was waiting to go left

going left was not an option for the cars in the queue

there were pedestrians in the crosswalk obstructing the path of the left hand turn
and there were also oncoming vehicles removing the left as an option

so I progressed forward
off the curb and in front of the car with the green

I heard a honk
not from car number one but from the Metro bus that was behind him in line

as I cross the intersection cars blocked the left hand turn

thus making my bob and weave even that much more sensible
I progressed forward on the bike anticipating the approach of the DC Metro Bus

pedaling the Capital Bike Share Bike at a casual pace I moved forward and further
dodging jaywalking pedestrians avoiding U-Turning vehicles

always re-evaluating the variables around me
all the while trying to get ahead of the Metro Bus

one occupied bus stop was more than likely going to slow the trajectory of the trailing bus

that trailing metro bus stayed in the forefront of my mind
even if I knew it was blocks behind me I figured that I would encounter it soon enough
by the time I approached the second occupied wanna be passenger Metro Stop it happened fast and furious
right on my tail was the agitated Metro Bus driver

having expected such
having experienced such things in the past I was less than shocked

I was never quite sure that he was not going to run me down... but I doubted that it was the way things were going to play out
I did feel that his approach was obnoxiously fast and obnoxiously close

I continued on without so much as the raise of a finger
actually withholding the finger as I knew enough to respect the much larger bus

the larger bus that was clearly trying to make a point with its aggressive action

at the Lamont Street Turn around as I returned my Capital Bike Share bike to its station the 42 bus stopped and the driver opened the door and shouted... "were you scared?"... "did I scare you?"
I approached and tried to discuss things...
there was no discussion
there was a loud lecture

a loud lecture from a large man
the bus driver gave me his account of what happened but had no interest in hearing my perspective

he went on about how I jumped out in front of the car and how if I did not care about my life...
why should he
well... there are a few differences here it is different for me to put my life at risk than for you to put my life at risk

it is different for me to do something thought to be stupid than for you to be aggressive and obnoxious and try to teach me a lesson by threatening my life and safety with a full size metro bus
it was an ignorant exchange

this over sized man in his over sized bus thought that he was more right because he spoke loudly or maybe because he was larger than me and could have swallowed me whole
I am really not sure
when I tried to get to hi
m and ask him if he was a professional he closed his door and went on his way

I considered taking a picture of him
but when I walked closer it looked like he was going to talk with the police officer in a parked cruiser
I was already on the border of running late to get my kids from school
I had no desire to get into the conversation with this meeting of the minds

so I left off on my way
I left on my way and made a call to METRO to voice a complaint

I was on hold for the duration of my walk and was unable to make my point

I could swear that this was the same guy on a different route on a different day just blocks away

here is my response on YOUTUBE


actually... this is the YOUTUBE VIDEO I wanted

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