DC Police Officer Involved in Accident with Cyclist in NW

it is sad but true
DC police officers are pretty much as dangerous to the people on the streets as cab drivers or any of the other skoff law drivers
the talking on the cell phones
the erratic u-turns
the parking in the bike lanes
the double parking when there is a legal space within view

there needs to be an education
there needs to be some accountability

this morning when I dropped my kids off a school a police officer flipped on his lights
pulled out of the blocked traffic and sped down the center of the road that is a turning traffic lane for the passing blocks
screaming past my kids' school at 45+ miles an hour
yesterday two Special Police on motorcycles with sidecars took that same center lane at speed with no warning lights or sirens

the "worst case scenario" is a scary one
police or civilian... if a child is hit and killed... the end result is the same
lost life

I think that there needs to be some understanding to how police should behave behind the wheel

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