a package came in the mail...

a package came in the mail
a much anticipated package

the package that I was waiting for was something that I had ordered
something for me and something for the rest of my family
something from ROAD ID

the estimated arrival date was met by the earlier rather than the later date
not even somewhere in between

but right on time...

it was like a Cyclists Christmas... after all... the bike is like a religion to me
it was a package from Road ID

a package including an assortment of ROAD ID products
something for everyone in the family

something for me
often we get deliveries to the house
seldom are these packages for
but today... the package that arrived would benefit me as well as the other residents of our house

there is more to ROAD ID than just the ROAD ID bracelet
our parcel displayed this

reflective shoe laces... FIREFLY blinking lights on reflective velcro bands... and of course the ROAD ID bracelets themselves.... in both Elite and Sport Models

it was all very exciting

I had never handled the ROAD ID product
my first experience would be my own ROAD ID wrist bracelet
or maybe the first one I would get to handle would belong to my wife or one of my kids
either way... this was my first introduction to the product
and let me say... I was impreseed

nice packaging
amazing product
but seriously... nice packaging... especially for the Elite ID
the bracelet comes in two
styles, SPORT and ELITE
sort of a split between a Runner's Watch and a fancy Diver's Watch
think velcro versus clasp

the Elite arrived in a very slick metal canister with and embossed ROAD ID logo on the top of the box, the band itself is a rubber silicone feeling product with a sturdy light weight clasp that has a very solid yet slick feel to it
the Sport model looks like it would be sold hanging on the wall while the Elite may be sold from behind protected glass... like a fancy watch at the department store
the Sport model is classic nylon weave with velcro... not only does it have velcro... but there is a reflective thread on the trim... definitely more "sport" than the Elite and its "black tie" feel to it

the package was packed full of fun

the reflective shoe laces immediately went on my Samba Classics indoor soccer shoes that are worn fo
r every day use
and the FIREFLY wrist bands were blinking blue and green as soon as they got into each of the boys' hands
I had Grant fetch some sharp scissors so that I could cut the Elite wrist bands to size
Momma Lisa only got the Sport version in pink

the boys were as excited as I was
they were also as unsure which model was more cool
each of the boys were leaning towards the velcro model as being superior due to its adjust-ability
each of them independently offering up the fear of outgrowing the Elite Version

unlikely... the wrist band will surely be lost before it is outgrown
and with adults
well... that sort of wrist grown may be un-natural

just like their father both Dean and Grant are wearing both the Elite and the Sport Road IDs simultaneously
unsure which they prefer
also unsure why they would not wear both as they own both

after we opened our packages and cut things to size we braved the rain and the cold
there had been talk of heading to Target on the bikes
and well... I could not let a little rain stop us

each of the boys put one of the Road ID FIREFLY blinking lights on a velcro strap around their ankle
then we were on our way

the research continues...
just as I am giving my boys a little Q&A
I can not help but show my cycling friends my freshly acquired ROAD ID bracelet
more words to come

have you been considering a ROAD ID purchase?
if you are on the fence... I say take the plunge
I am beyond satisfied with the quality and craftsmenship
can I give you an answer on which model to go with Eilte or Sport? NO!
they are both awesome... you will be stoked with either

when I placed my order there was a coupon code to share with friends
here it is...


Coupon Number: ThanksJoel4201905

The coupon is good for $1 off any Road ID order placed by 03/27/2011. To order, simply go to RoadID.com or click the link below:


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