Professionals need to behave like professionals

double parking?
that is uncivilized

there is a legal space not far off... take it
there is a non-legal space at the end of the block... take it and walk... there is an obesity epidemic

if you must double park... there better be a good reason why you are double parking and disrupting traffic

unless you are going in to stop crime there is no reason to be double parking in front of the McDonald's

one or the other?
neither works for me!

not to flog a dead horse
what is obvious to me seems to be missed by others...

parking in the bike lane does not work
double parking such that car traffic needs to pass your vehicle by going in the bike lan

enough with that and onto this...

if there is no bike lane
we take the full lane

there is no way that I can trust a car to pass my boys on a road as narrow as this
it is a residential street

the speed limit is 25 MPH

I am thinking it is not worth guessing if you can pass safe and smart along side my two young boys
actually... I am pretty sure I know how cars pass me
I do not want cars passing my children like that

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