REPOST: The Family Bike Shop

The Family Bike Shop in Crofton Maryland is having a sale this weekend
this has inspired me to re-post this...

The Family Bike Shop...
what do these words mean?
why is this shop named The Family Bike Shop?

is this shop family owned and family operated?

yep! (Sarah and Jonathan are the greatest)
is this a bike shop that suits a full family's needs from a child's first bike to a parent's commuter rig or a top level racing machine?
yes sir! The Family Bike Shop has a fully stocked shop and they can order you something if they do not have it in the store! (if they are a distributor of that line)
and lastly
if you do your business with The Family Bike Shop... you become part of The Family Bike Shop Family!
without a doubt
I am part of this FAMILY BIKE SHOP FAMILY!

last week before the race weekend that involved the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms I went out to Crofton, Maryland with an assortment of bikes all in various states of disrepair
there were single speed bikes that needed front brake and front rotor upgrades along with other issues... lots of issues... yes... I have issues
on top of my issues... there was another bike that had needs... special needs

there was a geared bike that needed to be converted into a single speed for DCMTB team member Kent Baake who was going to ride and race his first single speed event

in a panic I drove out to Crofton trying to make this bike stuff happen
to my pleasure... the folks at The Family Bike Shop were able to make my needs their priority
Jonathan shuffled his schedule and head mechanic Ryan got things done
in a few days I had three basically unridable bikes race ready

Working Bikes and Peace of Mind!

honestly... this could not have been done without the help of my friends at The Family Bike Shop

1286 State Route 3 S # 13
Crofton, MD 21114
(410) 721-8244

while in the shop getting my "special" treatment I witnessed an influx of customers
this is a big family... everyone who came in got "special" treatment
lots of customer traffic
lots of people having a personal relationship with the shop personnel
it turns out that my "special" treatment... my being treated as a "priority"
well... that is just how things work at The Family Bike Shop
all customers are "special" at The Family Bike Shop
all customers are "a priority" at The Family Bike Shop

I am a big fan of the notion of SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BIKE SHOP
but... I am also a believer that if you are not getting the service that you deserve... well... take your business and your money elsewhere

I am a member of a mountain bike team... DCMTB
DCMTB: DC Mountain Bike Team

a few years back the mountain bike team DCMTB was sponsored by City Bikes here in The District
I was shopping for a bike... and well... I did not feel I was getting the assistance I needed from City Bikes... so I took my business to The Family Bike Shop in Crofton
sure... that location is not entirely convenient for me... but it was worth the extra time to get the guidance I was looking for

it was there that I bought my Niner Rip Nine... a super fancy squishy bike
it was pleasure to get the time, attention, and the bike I needed

since that time... DCMTB has broken its relationship with City Bikes and has taken on a new shop sponsor...
guess what shop sponsors DCMTB
good guess... yes... you guessed it
The Family Bike Shop is the shop sponsor of DCMTB

it is a good mix
it is a good relationship
it is a proud relationship
the team enjoys being associated with The Family Bike Shop

The Family Bike Shop is giving our team a kind of support that we never got from City Bikes
don't get me wrong... the ten years of sponsorship relationship between DCMTB and City Bikes had its merits
but... the level of respect and connectedness that DCMTB team members get with The Family Bike Shop is far closer to what we need than what we were getting

I brought my bikes into The Family Bike Shop for a long list of repairs and part replacements
I left confident that these bikes would be race ready or at least as race worthy as they could be
without their help... the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms would not have happened for me and my three many single speed team this weekend past

much appreciated

if you are looking for a shop to call your own?
consider taking a trip to the Family Bike Shop in Crofton, Maryland

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