Rockburn Meeting Tonight! (Wednesday)

read bellow if you think you can attend!

kids love bikes...

there is nothing more natural than a kid on a bike
okay... maybe a fish in water or a bird in flight
but really... it is natural
infact... it does feel a lot like flying
even with the tires on the ground

the world is changing
this is not the world I grew up in
when I was a child I roamed my neighborhood with my friends on our bicycles
now... those same streets see a far greater frequency of car traffic
not only is there more car traffic
cars move faster
faster moving cars with distracted drivers talking on cellular phones
yes... better braking... yet still higher fatalities

the streets are no place for a kid to play in this modern day

just as we offer places for our kids to play basketball or soccer

just as we have swimming pools and ice skating rinks
there needs to be bicycle facilities

places for people to ride their bikes

pump tracks and skills courses along with cross country trails themselves will give children (and adults) the opportunity to get as close as they can to flying without getting in a plane

Recreation & Parks is holding a Parks Board Meeting
this Wednesday, March 16 at 7:30pm at Recreation & Parks Headquarters at 7120 Oakland Mills Road. It is very important that you show up and voice your opinion of the proposed changes to Rockburn Branch Park, especially the Pump Track Course/Trails. There will be people in attendance that are for and against the changes. Please make everyone you know aware!

if you can attend... please do
if you can attend with your kids who are cyclists
it may make sense for them to attend as well

the kids are hungry for this stuff
we just need to provide it for them
build it and they will come

mountain bike is not the fringe sport that it was once thought to be
this is a legit sport
an Olympic sport
and more importantly
a sport for both sexes
a sport for life!

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