shooting from the middle of the street

don't try this at home

if you do
get the shot
I did not get the shot
it was not the camera
it was me
I missed the shot because I could not commit
I chickened out
rather than be patient and wait for the shot
I took an early one
then... afraid I was going to miss the intended shot

I shot early
which of course... prevented me from getting the shot
the first shot is fine
that is the shot posted second

but really
I want a fisheye lens
and I want to hit the shutter with the rider on top of me
I know this is in front of Camelot
and yes
I realize that Beavis and Butthead would laugh at certain word usage
but I can not control their behavior
I do not draw them

starting to like my results with the camera
the reset seemed to help

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