there are a million stories from The National Bike Summit

was it last week?
was it two weeks ago?

it seems like forever
yet I am confident it was last week
somehow not entirely confident
as it does seem like forever

I have been meaning to script something about each day
so much happened it is hard to relive

programs and photos could help to rebuild the story

a few stories come to surface
these image help the story to come to surface...

so I attended The National Bike Summit as a member of MORE:Mid Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts to learn from the pros at IMBA: International Mountain Bike Association on how to be a more effective advocate for the sport of mountain biking

it was really impressive...
IMBA has bridged a gap
IMBA is part of the solution... yes... The National Bike Summit is a gathering of bicycle advocates in transportation
yet, IMBA knows that mountain bikes are bicycles and it is all interconnected

during the Summit there were keynote speakers that spoke to the masses
then there were break away sessions for various areas of advocacy and industry
my focus was on everything IMBA

many of the same people attended the similar themed break away sessions
just as I was an IMBA ONLY IMBA ALL THE TIME attendee

so were several others doing the same

in the IMBA rooms I recognized one face.... Dave Weins
Dave is best know for being married to Olympic Medalist and former professional mountain biker Susan DeMattei!
then after that Dave is best known for his performances at The Leadville 100

it was intense... inspirational... but intense
IMBA had a whole lot of information to deliver
most of which was served up in an entertaining manner
at many of the sessions I just listened
and across the room Dave Weins also listened

as it turns out Dave is somewhat new to advocacy
while I am totally new... well... new to active advocacy rather than standing on the sidelines as a c

after a long week of listening and learning IMBA hosted a dinner downtown
Dave Weins was traveling with local hero Scott Scudamore
at an IMBA dinner I found myself talking to Dave Weins
and well... I was shocked at how down to earth he was

100 Mile Off Road God!
on top of that... the good looks of a blond Tom Cruise
totally down to earth!
a pleasure to meet and make contact with

sorry... long story
totally long story... not coming anywhere near the punch line
and Dave... sorry about the crack about you being famous for being married to Susan
you are the man! you kick ass on the bike!
on with the story and a little closer to the punchline

so on the final night at the reception I was running around with my camera
I saw Dave Weins and we got back to catching up
in our exchange Dave asked me if I had a card
I responded no and said I had a non-card and went to my pocket

feeling a bit sheepish of my quasi card on less than card stock paper I passed off some information on a piece of paper that was not cut to size
and Dave laughed
oh man... Dave Weins 100 Mile Off Road God is laughing at me and laughing at my card

then it all comes more clear when Dave pulls out his card
okay... it came out in words
but easier to visualize if I say he just pulled out his card
and we had the same card with the same template

GOOGLE brought up the same template when we each did a last minute effort to arrive at The National Summit with a business card in hand

this totally confuses me!

maybe Dave can explain it

Dave was at the Summit representing Gunnison Trails
Gunnison Trails

just one of the million stories from the 2011 National Bike Summit
oh... Dave started Gunnison Trails in 2006
so... he is not that new to advocacy
he is just humble about that as well


Unknown said...

he is truly a nice guy. had a pleasure of a brief conversation at leadville. during my first race there i am still heading out while lance had just passed me and dave was chasing him, on some of the only singletrack in the entire race dave moves over to give me the best line and encourages me. class act.

Unknown said...

It was a pleasure getting to know you in DC, Joel. The business card story of the two non-business card guys still kills me. I don't know about you but I'm never changing my card. And the website, uhm, that's kind of a long story. Great write-up, my friend. One day we will ride!