can you believe all the DC Bike Party Photos?

these ladies are definitely making the party more fun!
actually... I think that these ladies make the planet more fun

bikes. bikes. bikes.
more bikes at the bike party each and every bike party.

this kid was born the year I graduated from college
which makes me old
as he is not actually a "kid"

is it really "work" riding with the DC Bike Party?
they should have clocked out instead of getting over time for this evening

words here about the person on the bike

Eric also adds to the fun... although he is not as pretty as the people he brings to the party
he always adds to the fun
always... good to see Eric at the DC Bike Parties


Yokota Fritz said...

DC MPD bike patrol at your bike party?!!

We got a police helicopter telling us to disperse from our "unlawful assembly" at ours in San Jose.


UrbanEngineer said...

Quite a few cops in those photos. What was their role in this bike party?

gwadzilla said...

it was not entirely clear to me...

a few times we had a handful of police start the ride and peel off

but for this ride there were a handful of bike cops and a few cops in cruisers...

it was like a chaperon and a junior high school dance

they mellowed out a bit by the end... but it did disrupt the tone
my thought... if the organizers invited them... I do not feel it helped