Baraka.... one of my favorite movies of all time...

this is a classic scene
Kechak Dancers

decades ago I had the pleasure of attending a full moon ceremony at the Monkey Forrest in Ubud on Bali
not a Full Moon Party in Thailand
an actual ceremony with locals for locals

we were guests of the man who worked the front desk plus at our hostel\guest househis daughter was the fan dancer
our cab driver was one of the dancers... driving his tuk tuk in the garb

he and his wife even got clothing for us to wear

love this movie... chase it down

Baraka... saw it on the big screen when it came out
bought this film as a gift for people one year
I wanted to share the magic of Baraka

funny.... this scene is titled Best Scene... I do not agree... I dig it.... it is more of a message than just imagery than much of the film...
Man and Chickens