Bike Rage.

last week I had several episodes of BIKE RAGE...
biker on biker bike rage
not the standard expected obvious biker on car bike rage
yes... biker on biker bike rage

bike rage?
yes... a cyclist's version of ROAD RAGE
but it can happen on the street, bike path, bike lane, sidewalk, and the natural surface trail

bike rage happens
more than likely bike rage happens more in uptight towns like Washington DC
but really... I rub elbows with some hippies in Santa Cruz who were as angry as any east coaster

so bike rage happens

last week I had several episodes of bike rage

would Peter Beers recommend a bike ride for anger management?

if he did... I think it would be a good suggestion
a hard bike ride... in my case a ride in the woods is well over due
no matter the ride I need to up the intensity to get the desired mind healing effect

but yes... bike on bike bike rage

my actions incited bike rage in another
my reaction to another's action incited bike rage in another
I had a contribution to the situation
but so did the other

things can be action and reaction
BIKE RAGE is an example of action and over reaction
in some cases I let an incident pass without mention
then it build us... so that one biker gets the heat of all the stuff I had built up inside of me
other times my response to the person's actions is unfriendly and aggressive
when kinder more gentler approaches would get better results

I am not looking for a fight
as an adult I know that fighting really does not prove much more than these two basic things; who cares less about the well being of the other and who is the better fighter
it does not decide who was right and who was wrong
it does not find a solution to the problem
and really... 
fighting most certainly offers up a long list of side effects
who needs that backlash whether it be medical, legal, or the anxiety of future retaliation

then also... this town is filled with people with a chip on their shoulder
and well... I am one of those people
I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder
and well... I have this genetic propensity to push buttons
I come from a long line of button pushers

so... sometimes when a confrontation ignites
rather than diffuse things
I get all Bugs Bunny and start pushing buttons
digging myself deeper and deeper and getting further and further from my objective
my objective is actual aiding in having the other person understand my perspective on the situation

as in the case of not liking to be passed unnecessarily fast and unnecessarily close
and to top that off... the person passing too fast and too close is also the person that refrains from the audible

which has a knee jerk reaction... a reaction amplified by my maleness and my distain for being passed
that reaction is usually a phrased like "nice audible asshole"

well... I should truncate the message
censor things up a bit

drop the cussing
in fact... drop the negativity

remove the cussing... do not insert joker for asshole
but change the tone around 
go full circle

okay... I am a complicated character
I have good days and bad days

I am social and I can be anti-social
which offers up some sympathy and understanding of the situation and some compassion for the other

to my credit...
yesterday I rushed out of work so I could get an hour on the bike before coaching my younger son's U10 Soccer team
my intensity was low but I was enjoying the day

early in my ride I passed a man with his son on the bike path
it was clear that the chain was off

I turned around and offered assistance
knowing I did want to spend too much time on things I jumped right into the repair
early into things I questioned if I need to get tools from my pack
the chain was stuck in one of those puzzle formations where there are a bunch of loops confusing the process

to my pleasure I untangled the metalic snake and got the father and son rolling again
I too was rolling again

looked in the hills of Rock Creek Park up by the Nature Center
extending my ride to make sure I still got over 60 minutes of bike time

14th Street

Peter Beers on the Gwadzilla Page

am I correct in thinking that Peter Beers is the Bike Ambassador at WABA