I broke my elbow... crashed my bike while taking a photo of my son... not sure how that happened

this looks like the medical description of my injury

it was Thursday night.... the sun was setting... I was riding my bicycle along side my boys.... we were headed home from a wonderful Mexican dinner... the sun was setting... I was basking in the glory of the day

the boys were well fed and smiling
there had been mention of how great the trip had been thus far
I wanted to document this moment... which is not odd... I try to document every moment
then it happened

at a fairly moderate pace my foot came out of the pedal
I bobbled the camera
thought I regained composure
then I think I hit the front brake too hard
that is my guesstimation

then it happened...
a less than super SUPERMAN took flight
all I know is I landed and things were a miss
my arm was all out of sorts

my elbow was dislocated

I gathered my stuff from the street
camera, bike, body
then ran around like a chicken with its head cut off
kids worried about dad

dad trying to "reduce the dislocation"
tried straightening it.... it would not go 
a few attempts to pop it back and it did not feel right
got it to pop back... but did not feel like it was 100 Percent in place

I carried my bike with the injured arm... thinking that I could relax and let the weight of the bike pull the arm back into place

Dean and Grant were attentive to my needs
offering assistance
I assured them that this was my fault
they apologized just the same

their fighting... the aggressive pass Dean made on the grass
Grant's effort to box him out
the truck passing on my left that wooshed by
none of this really came into play
these are the variables of everyday and every ride
it was a mishap
it could have been avoided 
but it happened

the crash happened no more than a block from where we were staying in West Asheville
we returned to the condo and I did a Google for ER\Trauma Centers in the Asheville area
entered the requisite information into the GPS on my phone
then left out in the manual transmission Honda Element

the treatment at the hospital was moderately fast and efficient
the doctor was quick and to the point
X-Rays were taken without direction of the doctor
I was pleased with the alacrity of the situation 
yet I was hesitant... the doctor was so quick with her diagnosis

Contusion? but my arm is MESSED U?

so little discussion about the accident
no question about the impact
never was there a question about helmet or head injury
infact... the diagnosis was made more of my answers to the questions and the x-rays

there was very little investigation of the arm\injury

no...  "does it hurt when I do this..."
or.... "does it hurt when I do that?"

never did the doctor shine a light in my eye to check for concussion
it was all cut and dry... visit your PCP in the next few days... if it does not start getting better over the next couple days... come back and visit us
here is a sling
swipe your credit card and have a nice day

it all seemed to go a little faster than it should
but... this is the ER
there are all types of people with all sorts of problems
it is an assembly line of sorting out the damage
prioritizing the patients

it was fast and to the point... that offered up some relief
yet the pain was intense and the injury seemed so much more than the light hearted diagnosis that I was given

but sure enough...
rest... ice... (no compression really).... elevation... and Ibuprofen
a day off my feet... 
pain killers and television... not the vacation I wanted to take my children on
but the pain and discomfort was so great that I did not feel like driving 
there had been talk that I would try to put the bikes on the car and take the boys to the Bent Creek Pump Track... but really... loading the bikes on the car is tough with two hands.... one handed would not be an option
we stayed local for one day

the kids were given the freedom to walk the dog to the West Asheville main strip to get lunch
the boys went straight for ice cream... then to the grocery store for cold cuts and hoggie rolls
not a bad trip 
not exactly the Jack and the Beanstalk experience that I expected

it is Saturday morning... the accident happened Thursday evening
hot showers really aid in loosening things up
the sling does not seem vital already
been trying to keep the elbow from locking up

ice and elevation is continued
as well as gentle movement

Monday I have an appointment for my back
I will piggy back an inspection of my elbow and my x-rays with my doctor then
already ready for the "aren't you getting a little old to be crashing your bike?"
I doubt my doctor will tell me not to ride my bike

but I am certain he will tease me and recommend that I stop crashing my bike

it is ironic 
I have had hospital style accidents in the past that occurred at moments where I was feeling a grand self confidence for where I am in life
then... like magic... I have the world pulled out from under me
invincible? I think not
weak and vulnerable 

human and frail

glad it was not worse
I think this will be a moderately quick heal

photos to come
all in all Asheville was a great trip
our mountain biking was cut short
the weather kept us from hiking to swimming holes and water falls
but we had fun just the same

so much to do in Asheville
not just mountain biking