I was able to stop by the service for Lon in Franklin Park... (Lonnie Robertson Rest in Peace)

post work gathering at Franklin Square for a Celebration of life for Lon Robertson
Lon died earlier this week
apparently he had a heart condition
which is weird for someone who rides a bike everyday and has a mellow approach to life

there is our family... their is our work family
I would be a work family cousin
or something to that effect
my connection with Lon was his existence as a messenger
but I am not a messenger

so... I do not qualify as being part of Lon's work family
hopefully Lon's family appreciated seeing all these people who were Lon's work family and long time friends

good gathering
good opportunity for people to congregate and celebrate Lon's life
and to put things in perspective
Lon was always good at putting things in perspective
shuffling things and remembering what is most important

that poster\card is a nice touch
glad I got to see it and sign it

good catching up with some people I do not see as much as I used to

Lon was a photographer
Lon was always good about indulging my craft

photos and mentions of Lon and Lonnie

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