is winter over? can I pack away my winter cycling gear?

that is an old shot
that baby dean is now twelve
and well
the guy in the blue jacket has more gray in his beard

last day of spring break for dean and grant
back to work tomorrow
back to work with my broken chicken wing
doing the job will be awkward... but manageable
but how do I get to work?

yes... I am on injured reserve
still have not seen an orthopedic specialist
saw my "guy" who I already had an appointment with
he says it looks good but that I need to see the specialist
his review of the x-rays was informative and positive
as positive as viewing an x-ray of a broken elbow can be

ah... doing laundry from the Asheville Spring Break trip
a trip that will now be known as the Asheville Spring Broken Elbow Trip
not to be repeated
Asheville yes... broken elbow no

yes... Mount Washmore continues
onto the cycling gear
much more mine than the boys
as I own more I brought more and therefore need to wash more

time to thin the herd
I have lots of old cycling gear
a good bit is low in the rotation
should donate it... 

it would be cool to send old team kits to cycling clubs in less privileged areas
locally or abroad

back to unpacking
and then
packing away winter gear
snowboard and skiies are being moved to the garage