Haines Point... shots of The Awakening at Haines Point
it has been years since The Awakening lied buried at Haines Point

yet... so many of us equate one with the other
I must say... the park is less of a destination without the sculpture as a highlight at the point

definitely was more fun with the kids when the Awakening was at Haines Point

chase these links for some solid randomness on the the tangent of both Haines Point and the Awakening

I was a few minutes late for work on this day... kept calling in... was not specific as to why...
not sure if the explanation of what I was waiting for would make sense for anyone else

but it was cool when all the fragments had been lifted from the earth and put on the flatbeds to be hauled off to their new home

it would have been funny to document the response of pedestrians and car traffic to this disembodied steel man being hauled away