Ali... The Greatest... I had not seen that photo of Ali with the Butterfly and Bee before


Ali on the Gwadzilla Page

when I was out chasing messengers with my camera there were a few people I always wanted to capture
well... individuals and then also a class of people
the lifers... messengers for life
the long timers... the messengers who have been on the street for a long time
and the heavy hitters... the messengers who made money... not all the messengers make very much money while a handful make a handful more
characters... people with character
persons... persons with personality 

Ali... long time dc bicycle messenger Ali
always tried to find Ali
Ali was a rare sighting
call me Ismael Ali was my white whales
there were sightings
but like a fisherman that fish causing a splash across the pond may be seen
not always easy to catch
because by the time you get there... that fish is gone

rode along side of Ali a number of times 
I marveled at Ali's handling and control
a wicked weave through traffic like ballet
clean and crisp
track bike control at its tailsliding best

witnessed Ali doing hundred of consecutive backwards circles on his track bike outside of the Department of Treasury... down the block from the White House
poise and control
a oneness with the bike and his surroundings that are beyond the next level
some guys are fast and can read the fast efficient sketchy yet solid line
ali goes beyond that
it is zen
genius and zen

I wonder what Ali is up to
something dynamic I would guess
although I never knew him well
I always knew Ali to be dynamic