Glitter... aka stripper dust... Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Ship Your Enemies Glitter

this reminds me of a prank that was pulled on our 7th Grade teacher Mrs Clemente who later became Ms Collins

Mrs Clemente was trying to dissuade the kids from passing notes
passing notes was the primitive form of texting
texting before smart phones

Mrs Clemente was in the habit of confiscating notes and reading them
so... students crushed chalk under the foot of their chairs and passed the chalk dust to one student who put all the dust into a sheet of paper and folded it up
that note was then passed around until it was confuscated

Mrs Clemente took the note back to her desk and tried to open the note only to have all the chalk dust drop into her lap

not to point the finger at any one person
but I think David Costible was the mastermind of that prank
David was also the teacher's pet... so there was no punishment
David Costible? yes... you know who David Costible is


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