I love my dog for who he is- while not judging him on who he is not

Didg is a good dog...
kind... gentle.. obedient...
but he is not without his qirks
that said... I have learned so much from this dog
my relationship with my dog has given me insight into relationships with people

Didg does not always care to be pet
which begs the question...
why do we pet the dog?
do we pet the dog for ourselves or do we pet the dog for the dog

then his behavior
Didg is half Australian Cattle Dog\half Australian Shepard
hence Digereedoo... shortened to Didg
he came named... his rescue\foster named him 

Didg loves to chase the stick... but there is no retriever in Didg
so... Didg will often chase the stick... get the stick... but not always bring the stick back
initially this frustrated me
then I came to learn
this is not his nature
it is wrong for me to be so frustrated with my dogs inability to express traits that are not within his nature

the same goes for people
judge them for who they are
not for who they are not

Didg is a good companion
we are his pack
he is bonded with us
we are bonded with him

to be honest...
the boys have a strong bond with the dog
their bond would be stronger if one of two things... 
-if the boys were less focused on "screens"
-if Didg were electronic, I think that they would interact with him more if he were electronic

Dog-Man's Best Friend
Didg is my Best Friend