Marimba? What is a Marimba?

my younger son Grant has started a before school extracurricular activity... Marimba
What is a Marimba?
apparently it is an instrument similar to a xylophone
how they differ I do not know

this is cool
super cool

what is most cool about this is how much my son Grant is into the Marimba
he has downloaded a Marimba app to his iPhone and is either practicing Marimba or playing Marimba
it can not be homework because he is spending more than five minutes on it

The Rolling Stones
Under My Thumb

yesterday Grant and I walked the dog on the snow covered trails in Rock Creek Park
I did not Strava the hike
I did not post photos from the hike on Instagram
yet this hike happened

anyone have a used Marimba they want to trade for a drum set?
that drum set has not been set up
as the snare drum I set up with a symbol as a test of interest did not get enough attention for me to merit the effort of setting up my friend Tom's old drum set in the house
so... that drum set only takes up space being stored in the garage


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