newspapers are thin... apparently their budgets are even more thin... although I am a fan of recycling... I hate when magazines and periodicals recycle their images

Michael Pearce aka Cargo Mike aka Coach in the Washington Post

Let's Talk Seriously about why cyclists break traffic laws

it is really not that complicated

Why do I ride the way I do?
Because of the way that car drivers drive!


this article was in response to an ignorant article that Courtland Malloy wrote earlier this week
more ignorance from the cheap seats
it irks me to read the rants of the ignorant
the fact the Washington Post printed that crap is an insult to the credibility of their printed page

it intrigues me that a black man could spout off on the need of the segregation of cultures
yes... it is ignorant and absurd
rather than preaching about understanding and acceptance
there is this notion of separation\segregation 

it amuses me... the car culture amuses me...
the distain that so many car drivers have for the cyclists on the streets is ignorant and unfounded
in actuality... it is cars that mess things up for cars
bicyclists are really a non-issue
traffic and congestion is created by the thoughtless acts of car drivers
removing double parking and blocking the box alone would facilitate flow so far beyond removing the bike

car drivers are irked by a cyclist on the road obeying the law
yet somehow this same driver accepts the obnoxious behavior of other car drivers that either put lives at risk or inhibit flow

last night was fun...
almost famous Mike Pearce came over for a beer
we hung out and caught up
and I took advantage of his pro-style mechanic abilities

the Surly Karate Monkey has once again been REANIMATED  

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