snow... snowboarding.... memories of the Gold Pan Saloon in Breckenridge Colorado

snow on the ground...
picked my older son up from his Friday night Ski Club
and then shooting pool and drinking beer
these things have put Breckenridge on the brain

good memories of my short stint in Colorado

apparently a Vail life ticket has reached 160 BUCKS!
sure makes the "C Chair Shuffle" sound attractive

only one issue... C Chair is gone and there is a super quad in its place


while in Breck I worked a variety of jobs
after school program instructor at the Breckenridge Rec Center
front desk clerk at Tyra Condominiums
ski pass through "ski check" one season then did surveys on the chair life the next year
and then
bouncer\doorman at the Gold Pan Saloon

The Gold Pan Saloon turns out to be the OLDEST Bar west of the Mississippi 

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