Tesco Vee... Comic Genius whose art was never meant for mass consumption

Tesco Vee and The Meatmen...

We are the Meatmen and You Suck was an album that communicated to the adolescent mind
even if that adolescent mind was attached to an adult body

when the Meatmen were performing shows on the community center circuit in the mid-80's the smoke machine was always a fantastic additive
the mosh pit was the teenage equivalent of a moon bounce
to add cotton candy flavored smoke was genius!

musically... lyrically.... comically...
always crass
always crude
inverting PC in the PC 80's

War of the Superbikes was an album by the Meatmen that put a little polish on Tesco Vee's craft
not sure of how this all came together
maybe it was the motorcycles
maybe it was Graham McCulloch's being from Tesco Vee's hometown of Detroit
or it was Brian's red white and blue Honda Interceptor
not sure
but Brian Baker and Lyle Presler... then Graham and I can not recall who was on drums
well... this was an all star cast backing up the comedic bravado that is Tesco Vee
fantastic delivery