yes... more DC Alleycat photos... messengers... ex-messengers... messenger wannabes... and The Messenger Elite!

I am going to try to throw down some words over the next 24 hours
lets see what I remember
but until then... maybe these photos from the Sister City Cat 2015 DC x Budapest

then Alleycat

and WOW!
this search for Courier on the Gwadzilla Page brings up some archival shit!

then BMX
Chris' roots go back to bmx... I have seen photos of a young Chris Schmidtt on a quarter pipe pulling airs on his BMX Bike
still have never read Jay Moglia's article about THC: Totally Hard Core

Dave and Mike catch up before the race start...
if I were to bet on a horse
Mike Pearce would have been my safe bet
sure enough
Pearce brought his Messenger A Game

Matt with a Dave Photo Bomb!

that link to Matt on the Gwadzilla page brings up some great randomness and some sad randomness
boastful rants about me and the bike
then a sad post about the passing of Matt Stackwell (Brenner)
so many lives lost in 2014
good people... good friends...
Matt was just one of people to die in 2014... a long hard year 2014
may 2015 be long, loving, and prosperous for all of us and our families and friends