Salad Days... I have no idea who Jaco Pastoerius is... no idea...


when I was like 14 or 15
maybe the summer that I bridged 14 to 15 
I wanted to shave my head

there was some preliminary talk
heard on the grapevine that Mark Sullivan had some clippers
one problem... I did not know Mark Sullivan
then the DC six degrees of separation kicked in

Eddie Eamon knew Andy Rappaport... Andy lived down the block from Mark
Andy got hold of the clippers... Eamon and I walked to Andy's
it was classic DC in the 80's basement activity
the haircut stalled with its short lived Mohawk

hair was a major tool in expression
hair and shoes were some of the primary components of fashion in that era
tattoos came later

I was in LA with Andy some years later... that was random
but on that LA trip where we stayed with Brian Baker Andy got his KingFace Tattoo

I was on the outside of the inner circle
I knew people who knew people