#cutaway Dropped Dean off at Cutaway Mountain Bike Camp in Charolottesvile VA... YE HA!

this weekend past I drove my older son Dean to Mountain Camp in Charolottesville VA

it was a long drive for camp drop off... 
that said... it was a scenic drive and a good opportunity for Dean and I to catch up

Dean had stories to tell about the Naval Academy Rowing Camp from two weeks prior
then there were all sorts of stories from camping at Lake George with my brother and my nephews (Dean's uncle and cousins)

there was a moment where Dean complained that his summer is going by so fast and he has not had time to chill...
You don't want More Adventure? you don't want More Enriching Experiences?
the boys frustrate me...
Grant came back half way through his month of sleep away camp
which means he does what?
Video Games in the AC!

that sounds a lot like the school year
this is SUMMER... time for ADVENTURE!

well maybe... actually I am not sure

Video Games in the AC is not an enriching way to spend your summer
Dean is craving some of the nonsense time that Grant is experiencing

the boys love their "down time"

it was a good drive... 3 plus hours of time to try and catch up

it still amazes me that this child who would never stop asking questions at the age of three has nothing to say at the age of 15
sure there are times when he opens up.. hikes... throwing the frisbee... long drives
this was one of those times

finally we arrived... right on time
in fact... a few minutes early

Camp Cutaway

I had heard good things about this program
glad that Lisa and I decided to send Dean to this camp
it looks totally cool
the kids down there look so stoked to be there

the campus looks like Hogwarts
which is funny...
Dean is reading the Harry Potter series again
but to our error Dean left Harry Potter 2 in the car
go figure

Dean is rooming with Alex... Carlo's son

funny... hope they get along
Alex just did the "race camp"
this week is "mountain bike travel" camp
this is Alex's third year at Cutaway

I wanted young Grant to go to Cutaway... looked like a handful of kids under the 14 year old cut off at camp
including my sister's nephew

hopefully next year

at drop off Dean and I checked in.. unpacked and set up the room..
then strolled around the campus with the dog
Didg got to swim in the pond
Dean got to swing on the swings