Ian... the ripple effect of his punk rock splashing in the musical timeline is dynamic.. but I am not sure if the kids today know who he is or his contributions

Ian... Ian MacKaye
co-founder of Dischord Records
front man for Minor Threat
co-front man for Fugazi

Mount Pleasant Resident... etc. etc. etc.

the other day as I rode into work after a mid week canal camping trick I struck up conversation with one of the other campers
she lives in Mount Pleasant in a group house that was a tad Punk Rock a few years back
as we roded I threw some names out
my words fell on deaf ears

she may have known Dischord Records
but not sure if she knew much more
or even that
I guess this fringe culture history is not as much common knowledge as I would have thought

oh well...

how about this other DC Ian?
is she more familiar with his work
or is all of this stuff no longer significant
honestly... I am not sure how significant this stuff was 10 years ago

yes... historically significant
but maybe not so significant in this moment

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